How to make money online-3 genuine way to make money online with proof

How to make money online

How to make money online?

every one wants to earn money online because earning or  making money online is a little bit easier than making money from doing a job in the company, in offices and in other sector many  people including a college student, housewife young  star wants to know “How to make money online?”

Can we make money online?

The answer is “yes” we can earn Real money or cash online.

Before knowing “How to make money online”

know about Adsense?

Adsense is Advertisement programme run by Google that Allows the user to make money online(from Google).Basically, Google serves automatically text, video and interactive media advertisement to your content.

From Google Adsense, a person named “Hassan Bello yakasai earn -1.2 million us dollar(78.3801437 million Indian rupees).

Here we learn top 3 genuine way for your question-“How to make money online”

1.Make money from Youtube.

Youtube is social video sharing website owned by Youtube, we can watch latest movies trailers, latest songs, full movie, your favourite Tv serial, Technical tutorials, Gadgets review and much more.

Now Question is How to make a From Youtube?

For make money from youtube you need 3 thing

  1. Gmail account
  2. Internet connection
  3. One Pc/android phone or any mobile phone.

Don’t Know How to Create Gmail Account-Full Guide Here

SO, 3Things To do for making money online or From “Youtube

  1. Shoot your Video
  2. Edit your videos
  3. Upload your videos

Here list of best Video editor For youtube(use that software for make money online)


  • Filmora video editor
  • I-Movie
  • windows movie maker
  • Youtube video editor
  • light maker
  • Machete Video Editor Lite
  • Avidemux
  • WeVideo
  • VSDC Free Video Editor
  • Wondershare Filmora


  • Action Director video editor
  • Adobe premiere clip
  • Flimmora Go
  • Free Video Editor
  • Funimation video effect editors
  • Kinemaster
  • Movie Maker filmmaker
  • Power Director
  • Quik
  • viva video

After editing your Videos Upload your videos on Youtube.

Next-You Have to monetize your Youtube Account(mean get Approval for Adsense)

How youtube pay you for Videos?

so, actually, Youtube payment is based On CPC and CPM.

  • CPC-cost per click

When you get to click on your youtube videos Ads then youtube pay you.(Depends on youtube Ads rates)

  • CPM-cost per 1000 impression

Suppose your CPM is 2$ they are paying you 2 $ for your Thousand impressions.

Now, Doing a simple math on youtube income scenario.

1000 views=2$

10,000 views=20$

1,00000 views=200$

10,000000 views=2000$

Therefore, When you cross payment Trasould means 100 Dollar (6,400 INDIAN Rupees) then you get your payment direct to your Bank Account.

“Youtube is the best Source for make Money online without investment”

 2. Make Money from Website /blog

Now you are thinking how to make money from Blog or website?

by just simply making a website or blog You can make money from Adsense.

how to make money online

It’s Need small invest for that.

What is a need for making money from website/blog?

  • One Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Designing
  • Adsense Account

Simply buy one domain name and hosting after designing Apply for Adsense Approval, After approval put your Adsense codes in your website Here Your earning is started.

How to make a website:

You can earn more money from website/Blog.In Youtube, you get 43% Revenue and in a website, you got 68 % Adsense Revenue.

Earing Report From Adsense:

how to make money online

Some website Idea for making money online:

  • Job news site
  • Tech news site
  • Tech Help
  • product review site
  • Sms site
  • jokes site

For making Website no need any technical knowledge you can simply design your website in WordPress without Technical Knowledge.

“You get to pay for CPC and CPM”

3.Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

what is an affiliate is marketing?

affiliate marking is a programme by which an online website like-Amazon,flipkart and snapdeal pay commission to the user for external traffic or for sales.

How to make money online

Some Amazon Affiliate Commission Percentage for selling Their Product.(over price)

  • Mobile Phones-4%
  • Televisions-4%
  • Health and Personal care-8%
  • Books-8%
  • Watches-10 %
  • Jewellary-10%
  • Home and Kitchen-10%
  • Musical Instruments-8%

How you make money from Affiliate Marketing?

First, you Need to Sign Up for Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate-Click Here

Flipkart AffiliateClick Here

Snapdeal Affiliate-Click Here

For making money from Affiliate Marketing You need one of the three things.

  • Youtube Channel
  • Website/Blog
  • Facebook


Earning proof from Amazon Affiliates

how to make money from online(amazone)

Earning Tips from Affiliates 

Youtube: Make a video on some item like-Mobile gadgets,(includes earphone, Mobilephone, Mobile Gadgets etc)

Make video on fashional item(including watch, shoes or in Health product etc)

simply Reviews the product and Give you product selling link (from affiliate account) in this way you can make money online.

Website/Blog: Simple design a website or blog and tell people About the product and give Product selling banner(affiliates link).therefore make money online.

Facebook: from simply facebook Advertisement you can sell Amazon,Flipkart or snapdeal product and make money online

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