compress photo From -iPhone-Android phone From pc Or Online in One click

Compress photo

Compress photo From Phone From pc Or Online in One click

What is compress photo?

Compress photo is a Process to decrease your photo Size from large size to smaller size. Suppose you have a Large image and want to Decrease image Compress photo process will Help you.Sometimes we want to send large image file via email, in some Application need Smaller image size.compress image will Help you.

Many time we getting This problem How to Compress photos……

Here You learn How to Compress photo in phone-in Pc-Or in Online without any software


compress photo Compress photo in iPhone    

Storage space pulse is a software in Apple App Store Help you to compress Images/video from a large file to a Smaller size.

Simply Download The App  And Open the App-Click on Download Botton

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Once you get inside the album Select Your Photo you want to compress. Here you got a pop up option(over the right-hand side)you got  Delete All option and Compress All Option.Now Click on compress  All if you want to delete your images.

Compress single image

Open  Storage space pulse App view single image you want to compress.

Click to compress option(Down of your image) Now Press Done Option (over right side).

Now you get lots of more Option-

  • You can choose Quality of photo
  • You can choose Size of photo

Down Here Click on Performing Changes.Here done !!! Now you can delete the Large image if you want to delete.

View video——————

Compress photo  in Android Phone

Decom is best and simple App for compressing Your photo size. Decom is simple and any little child can use this app it is totally free on Google play store.

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Open the App–Tab on Galarry icon–select picture you want to compress

in Next step, you can Manage Quality of your image Now Hit on start And click on Done.

Now where you get the photo?

Now go to File manager-SD Card-Decom file  Here you got All compress images.

Compress photo online

Click Here  Here you can simply compress photo Just Go To-

This website click On –Upload imageSelect imageMange your image Quality-Simply Click on Compress

Now Done !!!!




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